Proper Hair Prices İn Turkey

Proper Hair Prices İn Turkey

Hair extinction is a way of lifting the problem of baldness altogether. The choice of companies that specialize in business for these operations is an extremely important issue for having healthy hair.

Before Operation

Before the operation, the experts of this business start with needle processing. Allergy testing is done with the first needle. The next needles have drug traits. Cutting the hair should not be forgotten. Blood analysis is important before this process. As a result of blood transfusion, the operation begins, with the assay being clear. A certain day is set for the operations. It takes approximately 7 hours to process three thousand grafts. There is a break in between. In this quick and effective sowing process, it is important for the patient to be comfortable.

On the neck, with the analysis of the hair behind the two ears, gives a general indication of the quality of the hair. With the technique we call Fue technique, the hair behind the two ears is transferred to the non hair region with effective technique, giving successful results. Hair transplantation rates in the categories Turkey in 2017, determines the price of the units makes planted. When you follow the recommendations, you will not have any health problems.

After Operation

After the operation, vitamin supplement is used and the adaptation of newly added hair is accelerated. The first hair washing process is carried out with a special lotion. Protected from dust and sunlight for the first two weeks, the planted root grows more healthy. The next two weeks, weight lifting and similar advice should be followed. It is imperative that recommendations be followed in order to ensure a healthy sowing process.

When you act according to the recommendations of our experts, you will not have any health problems. The process of cleaning the hair is also very important. Do not use items that are especially harmful to your hair, especially for maintenance and cleaning. Using special shampoos and cleansing agents is a process that will ensure that your hair is always healthy. Take care to use nourishing vitamins, cleaning agents and similar products. Business specialists should always be preferred.

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