FUT Method

FUT Method

It is a planting technique based on the principles of planting canals on the field to be planted, removing the stem cells from the hair roots in band form. Fut’s technique is a technique that is almost non-existent now, with the advancement of technology. With the recent introduction of medical literature, it has gradually replaced its place with the Fue method. Today, most of them prefer the Fue method, but in some exceptional cases, the Fut method is also applied.

What Is The Operation Of The Method Was?

In hair transplantation operations, there are two basic methods accepted in medicine. These are the methods fue and was. There are a number of differences that distinguish the method from the fue method. In Fut’s method, for harvesting hair follicles and primarily the stem cell area, the neck region is anesthetized using the local anesthetic application. In this case, he is prevented, that the person feels pain during this operation.

How Is Fut Technique Applied?

The piece of skin removed from the neck area is screened by hospital staff to separate the roots contained in it and prepare it carefully for sowing. Separate grafts of skin pieces are placed in a container called a petri dish. The region of the neck, which is then numb, is removed by cutting a piece of rectangular skin about 15 cm x 2 cm. The size of the portion to be cut varies depending on the amount of hair roots desired to harvest. For example, the area of ​​skin to be cut begins to shrink in crops to be applied with a small amount of graft. Then, if the density of the hair is not too high, it may be necessary to remove a larger piece of skin to graft in the same direction.

When the grafts that are assembled are prepared for sowing, the open area from the nape of the patient is covered with aesthetic suture. An estimated horizontal point can stay here that will improve between 20 and 30 days. One of the important non-beneficial parts of this method is the suture that does not heal completely after the operation. After graft collection, the sowing process is started. For this, the area to be sown is open to the number of grafts removed after local anesthesia. These ducts will be drilled in the size of the head of a needle to be inserted into their roots. Following the opening of the channels, the rooting operation will be completed after closing these open channels.

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