Is The FUT Method Still Used?

Is The FUT Method Still Used?

When the hair is young and alive and manageable, the problem of baldness begins to appear for various reasons. Most people describe baldness as knowledgeable and meaning

maturity, but when looking for the cause, it is seen that hair loss is posed as a result of the discomfort caused by different sources. In addition to many remedies against hair loss in the past, FUT has been widely used to remedy the problem of baldness.

This method was an effective hair transplant activity that was used during the first period of hair transplantation. But the disadvantages that have arisen and developments in the medical field have completely eliminated this method.

 What Are The Advantages For The FUT Method?

It is an advantageous operation to collectively remove the roots of the hairs by the sowing process and for with its rapid drenching process. For the problem of baldness, the method was more useful when it is necessary to collect a small number of hair roots in rare areas. It is more advantageous for the hairs to be removed from the donor area because the roots are dense and the roots are not damaged when taken. In terms of the patients, the most important is the hair transplant fee is so to compare the method fue with the method was, and the method was is the preferred procedure for those who want hair pruners at reliable cost.

When we look at it from a medical point of view, anyone who wants to have hair and who is suitable for hair transplantation as a result of testing can use the method was. But there are still things to pay attention.

The patient must be over 22 years old the problem of baldness is at the graft level Determine the permanent causes of hair loss in the tests carried out Consider factors such as the level of the donor area detected at a sufficient level. .

What Are The Disadvantages Of This Method?

As a method, it is done by cutting the 15 cm x 2 cm strip of the skin layer during root set and submitting the roots to the decomposition process. Closing the cut skin layer with the seam results in permanent marks. The bleeding rate is higher during operation.

The most important factor is that the probability of hair rotation after root removal is high.

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