Does The Hair Transplantation Hurt?

Does The Hair Transplantation Hurt?

In certain periods, many people are faced with hair loss. When the hair loss intensity increases, this can lead to healthwise negative consequences such as psychological problems. When the people face with such situations, there are the solutions of chemical products among their preferred solutions. On the other hand, if these products are continued to be used, the result is positive in some cases, but the hair loss continues same as before after the use is interrupted. The method of hair transplantation brings successful results in the long run.

Should Hair Analysis Be Done Before The Hair Transplantation?

It is necessary for the patients to undergo some tests before the operation for the best results. It is important for the patients to have hair analysis at the first stage for the course of the proceeding. Along with these analyses, some cancer tests need to be done. If the disease is not caused by a hormonal disorder, hair transplantation can be done. If hair loss occurs as a side effect of any disease, treatment of this disease should be done first. If the hair loss is still continuing, the transfer can be carried out according to the patients’ wishes. While the application phase is short-lived, it takes approximately 8 months to reach a successful result with pre- and post-application. The patient should not use any medicine before the transfer. vitamins are included in this drug group. In addition, the use of substances such as cigarettes and drugs that affect blood circulation is one of the issues to be considered in order to avoid any problems during the hair transfer process.

What Should Be Taken Care Of After Hair Transplantation? 

Many people, who want to have the hair transplantation done, is searching for the answer to this question: Does it hurt to have the operation of hair transplantation done? Hair transfer with local anesthesia prevents the patient from feeling pain during the procedure. The application can take for 7 or 8 hours depending on the condition of the patients.

One of the most important issues that patients should pay attention to after treatment is hair care. Care should be taken to the area where the hair transfer has already done, not to contact the water until 3 days after the end of the hair transplantation. Thereby avoiding the use of alcohol, the lotions, and medications prescribed by the doctor should be used regularly. Patients should stay away from activities, such as sports for 10 days after hair transplantation.

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